Hire a Lawyer for Construction Accident Injuries.

Construction personnel don’t need to be told their jobs are dangerous. Working on a construction site is often a hazardous environment because of large machinery, dangerous tools and equipment, and the long, strenuous hours of labor. These hazards are compounded by negligent safety measures, faulty equipment, or other circumstances that lead to job-related accidents, and the resulting injuries can be devastating to personnel and their families.

You-and every construction worker-have the right to anticipate safe conditions on the job site. Being injured face to face can severely affect your ability to give your loved ones. The Orlando personal injury attorneys at Awaechter Attorneys have comprehensive experience helping construction accident victims and their families pursue the financial security they want as they recover and progress with their lives.

If you or someone you care about was injured in a construction site accident, please call us at 210-750-6276 for your free case evaluation. We proudly represent those who stay in San Antonio and local regions of Texas.

Construction Accident Statistics

Construction companies and federal regulators are constantly stressing occupational safety so that they can minimize preventing workplace injury and death. Because of this, there are safety standards and regulations determined and implemented by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA is area of the Department of Labor and develops safety laws for all those industries, including construction, to ensure that construction sites-and those who run them-do so in a safe manner.

Safety courses are necessary for most companies that employ 20 or even more employees in construction jobs. Many small contractors, however, employ less than 20 employees and may well not provide satisfactory safety training, which can result in worker injury.

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

ten percent of construction staff suffer a work-related injury every year
Construction workers have the best rate of workplace fatalities
Construction fatalities have decreased by 20 percent since 2007
Specialty trade contractors suffered the most fatalities by sub class
Approximately 1,000 construction fatalities occur every year

Common Causes of Construction Accidents

The conditions over a construction site raise the potential for injury, making the chance considerably greater than that of other industries. Construction laborers come in contact with all sorts of environmental risks, hazardous material, and dangerous equipment imaginable. At at any time, if you’re not constantly considering safety, you will be putting a coworker or yourself in grave danger.

When construction companies, site supervisor, foreman, or other employees neglect these regulations serious injury may appear. The most common injuries at a construction site will be the consequence of lifting. However, the most serious and often the most catastrophic construction accidents are falls from heights and frequently occur because the planking or support is defective and gives way. This may cause serious injury to an unsuspecting employee.

Problems on construction sites that can result in injuries include:

Falls from scaffolding, ladder, or other height
Heavy equipment accident
Contact with hazardous materials
Trench cave-ins, building or wall collapse
Slippery surfaces
Heavy objects falling
Defective tools or machinery
Injuries from power tools
Faulty safety equipment
Inadequate safety precautions
Electrocution, fire, or explosion
Dangerous, conditions, work practices, or insufficient supervision

Serious injuries to construction workers are catastrophic and can be devastating. Construction work is a heavy-duty profession and injured personnel rarely have the option of light or moderate work while they can be injured. Which means that a serious on-the-job injury can lead to unemployment and a good lack of career.

Because construction workers are typically well paid and have good benefits, it’s almost impossible for these types of workers to find a career that can be compared. This may lead to depression and even end marriages and destroy families.


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